1982 in pixels

Well I was going to write a lengthy post on where the idea for 1982 came from, the inspirations and development to date, but games are a visual medium so I figure a bunch of screenshots can say all that better than I possibly can.

1982 screenshot 11982 screenshot 2
1982 screenshot 31982 screenshot 4
1982 screenshot 51982 screenshot 6

9 comments on “1982 in pixels

    • Thanks Jaz.

      I’m not sure about releasing on Ouya. Code wise it would take little work (it’s basically Android), but I don’t have a device to test on.

      A few people have asked for E+ on other platforms so yes that will probably happen at some point.

    • Hi. As soon as I have my new MacBook I can post some footage.

      1982 is actually finished and the PC version playtested, but I want to release all versions around the same time (PC, Mac, iOS & Android), so as soon a I have that laptop I can do that.

      We just need Apple to release those new MacBooks.

    • Hi Whirlwound. Like OUYA, GameStick is Android based so should be easy to support in theory.

      Again though I don’t have a device to test it on myself, so I may have to look for volunteers to help me out with playtesting on the many Android based devices.

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