Feedback. Day 2.

Somethings I like messing with are gameplay and difficulty that react to player actions. Sometimes in a small way like the way I spawn powerups in DUOtris (near death you get a lot more helpful powerup drops) and then in mono where the difficulty is based entirely off the players actions in the game.

So….I decided to experiment with going one step further and having everything in game a reaction to what the player does… see.

I’m using a basic Space Invaders game to test the idea, but that will change when I see the reactive gameplay mechanic in action and get a feel for what it is best suited to.

Anyway progress: All placeholder graphics and sound fx are done and the scripts necessary to load them into the game are written. I have about a dozen enemy ideas written down and a rough logo idea (yes, all my graphics are “rough”).

Today we should get some enemies on screen and bullets. Lots of bullets.

2 thoughts on “Feedback. Day 2.

  1. QualiTAE_Gaming says

    Hi Guys Im looking to start making gaming videos on youtube , and im having so much fun with Echoes+ I would like to make it my first. My Plan is just to record me having fun and then share a link to my 1000 followers on TWITTER and hope to spread the word. Do I have your permission to go ahead and do so ?
    Many Regards.

    1. fog says

      Sure you can. Good to hear you’re enjoying Echoes+ 🙂


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