Echoes+ now on PC…and it’s Free!

I’ve slipped again on updating this dev diary, so hopefully this makes up for it. Echoes+ is finally out on PC for the extortionate price of Free!

echoes+ Banner

It’s a port of the XBox game so you get the same 6 game modes, 4 difficulties, 100 Trials (Achievements) and all new global leaderboards.

And it looks like this…

3 thoughts on “Echoes+ now on PC…and it’s Free!

  1. xAD says

    Have you considered OUYA? Not too much work to update your Android version, and still small enough for quality titles like this to get noticed.

    1. fog says

      Thanks xAD. I must admit the number of requests I’ve had for OUYA versions of my games is making me consider it.

      If I can persuade them to send me a free console it will happen 🙂 Otherwise it’s hard to justify buying one myself to write freeware aimed at a relatively small audience, however enthusiastic they are.

      1. fog says

        Well as it turns out I didn’t have to contact OUYA as they got in touch with me 🙂

        An OUYA console is on the way so OUYA versions of games will follow!

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