Echoes+ V5 out now.

Echoes+ V5 is out now. It mainly fixes a bug on some Windows 8.1 machines although I took the opportunity to tweak a couple of other things too based on early feedback.

V5 release notes:
– Windows 8.1 crash fixed
– Overly sensitive joypad controls on menus fixed
– The “back” button on joypad now works on menus
– Improved visibility of player shield colours (green = active, red = less than 3 seconds remaining)
– Some Trials targets adjusted

Enjoy and keep any feedback or suggestions coming 🙂

2 thoughts on “Echoes+ V5 out now.

  1. Jaz says

    Will it come to ouya yet?

    1. fog says

      Hi Jaz. Yes I can confirm e+ will be coming to Ouya. More details very soon 🙂


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