1982 Scoring Explained

1982 offers some good old fashioned score chasing gaming, so here are some of the obvious and not so obvious scoring methods explained.

For those that like to discover these things for themselves look away now…


Each enemy kill is worth 1 pt x score multiplier.
The score multiplier is increased by filling the ‘kill gauge’ shown on the left of the screen. To do this string a lot of kills together quickly. Failing to kill anything causes the gauge to drop.

Abductions…of Man & Multipliers

When you allow too many enemies to reach the ground a Man will be abducted by a yellow saucer. As well as abducting Man the saucer takes x3 from your multiplier.

Kill the saucer and allow Man to fall safely to the ground and your x3 multiplier is returned.

(The number of enemies reaching the ground needed to trigger an abduction reduces as your multiplier increases. High multipliers are hard to defend.)


Many in game actions such as killing certain enemies trigger a coin drop. Pick up the coins for extra points (5pts x multi), catch them for a further bonus (10pts x multi). Caught coins are indicated by a heart.


Complete any of these in game actions to trigger a big bonus coin drop…

  • Arcadia – Survive a level
  • Astro Blaster – get a new high multiplier for your current game
  • Major Havoc – trigger 2 Astro Blasters within 5 secs
  • Missile Command – have 2 remote missile launchers active at the same time
  • Laser Zone – have 2 remote lasers active at the same time
  • Bomberman – kill lots of enemies in an energy power-up explosion
  • Defender – stop any enemy reaching the ground for 30 secs
  • Repulsar – Ram an enemy with your shields
  • 2084 – rescue Man from the saucers 3 times in a row

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