Decisions Decisions…

Objects, textures, cameras, lights, shaderzzz, maths…there’s a lot more to this 3D stuff than just swapping sprites for models. I wish someone had told me before.

Progressing well though. Wont be long now before I can display a cube on the screen and, let’s be honest, my games don’t need much more than that.

I’m still not entirely sure what the new project will be though. I’m still torn between doing something entirely new and doing a sequel to one of my older games that I’ve had planned for years. Whatever I decide expect the usual mix of simple gameplay, even simpler enemies, guns, particles, flashing lights, shaking screens and a whole load of chaos.

1982 Scoring Tips

Some tips to help you get on those competitive 1982 leaderboards…

  • Getting and keeping a high score multiplier is key to getting high scores. Increasing the multiplier is simply a case of destroying lots of enemies quickly. (See the left-hand bar on the HUD)

  • When a certain number of enemies reach the ground a Man will be abducted by a yellow saucer. The saucer takes x3 from your multiplier. Kill the saucer and allow Man to fall safely to Earth and he will return your x3 multiplier. Be careful though as Man is vulnerable to friendly fire and if you accidentally hit him before he reaches the ground you will lose that x3 multiplier that he was carrying.

  • The saucers that carry the power-ups are created after killing a number of enemies.  Concentrate on killing a number of the smaller, weaker ones, triggering a power-up saucer to appear, making the bigger enemies easier to deal with.

  • Later in the game it is often wise not to kill a saucer as soon as it appears ,instead wait until a tough enemy appears on screen and kill the saucer, releasing the power-up when it is most needed.

  • While it might be tempting to always collect an energy power-up (green) a carefully timed explosion is a great way to fill your ‘kill gauge’ quickly and increase your multiplier. When score chasing it’s a risk you might want to take.

  • Destroying a laser power-up (red) and creating a laser turret is a brilliant way of dealing with asteroids, but a horizontal laser barrier is a guaranteed way to kill any Man falling from a saucer, potentially losing some of your score multiplier.

  • Rocket power-ups (purple) are the most destructive so take out awkward targets like white blockers and major enemies like the giant invaders, tanks etc. while you have them.  The firing pattern of a remote rocket turret is unpredictable and therefore another threat to any attempted Man (and multiplier) rescue.

  • Finally the shield power-up (cyan) can be as offensive as it is defensive. Use it to ram enemies to prevent them from landing. Also don’t ignore the usefulness of the portal created by destroying this powerup that sucks in all enemy bullets. When faced with a screen full of mushroom bombs it’s better to quickly clear them than take an inevitable hit while waiting for the power-up to fall.

  • Collecting coins obviously increases your score, but catching a coin doubles its value. Every point helps!

  • Finally, in Time Attack mode you have unlimited energy, but getting hit by an enemy reduces your score multiplier so should be avoided at all costs.

Man thanks you for your efforts

1982 Scoring Explained

1982 offers some good old fashioned score chasing gaming, so here are some of the obvious and not so obvious scoring methods explained.

For those that like to discover these things for themselves look away now…


Each enemy kill is worth 1 pt x score multiplier.
The score multiplier is increased by filling the ‘kill gauge’ shown on the left of the screen. To do this string a lot of kills together quickly. Failing to kill anything causes the gauge to drop.

Abductions…of Man & Multipliers

When you allow too many enemies to reach the ground a Man will be abducted by a yellow saucer. As well as abducting Man the saucer takes x3 from your multiplier.

Kill the saucer and allow Man to fall safely to the ground and your x3 multiplier is returned.

(The number of enemies reaching the ground needed to trigger an abduction reduces as your multiplier increases. High multipliers are hard to defend.)


Many in game actions such as killing certain enemies trigger a coin drop. Pick up the coins for extra points (5pts x multi), catch them for a further bonus (10pts x multi). Caught coins are indicated by a heart.


Complete any of these in game actions to trigger a big bonus coin drop…

  • Arcadia – Survive a level
  • Astro Blaster – get a new high multiplier for your current game
  • Major Havoc – trigger 2 Astro Blasters within 5 secs
  • Missile Command – have 2 remote missile launchers active at the same time
  • Laser Zone – have 2 remote lasers active at the same time
  • Bomberman – kill lots of enemies in an energy power-up explosion
  • Defender – stop any enemy reaching the ground for 30 secs
  • Repulsar – Ram an enemy with your shields
  • 2084 – rescue Man from the saucers 3 times in a row

Step Back in Time

Long time no diary updates….and nobody was surprised.

New old game 1982 is now FREE on STEAM. or HERE for those that don’t drink from the Steam pipe.

1982 was an attempt to wrap up a bunch of early 80’s influences and references into something playable, mindless and fun. Old VIC-20 game Arcadia by Imagine was the starting point and it just evolved from there.

While it doesn’t stick strictly to shmup rules of the time (it’s way more forgiving) I really wanted it to capture some of the feeling of those early shmups and I’ve hopefully achieved that.

– Yes it’s got features

I’ll post a bit about scoring and some gameplay tips later.