Echoes+ Mac Out Now.

Yes, finally Echoes+ long journey is all but complete as it crosses to the darkside and makes it onto Mac.

My first Mac release too so hopefully it’s not a bug riddled mess, or at least no more so than normal. I’ve no idea how big the Mac audience is, but AGK2 made the porting process a painless one so I’d be crazy not to do it. (Well painless if you ignore my fumblings trying to find my way around a Mac and XCode for the first time.)

Now available in 3 delicious fat free flavours…

pc download
mac download

Echoes+ V6 out now.

Nothing too major.  The biggest change is probably an adjustment to the online leaderboards which now only store the best score for each player.  This prevents one name dominating the boards and should free up a little space for Mac users, with the release of that version imminent.

V6 release notes:
– Leaderboard online entries now limited to one score per player
– Possible fix for Windows XP Dwmapi.dll crash
– Inputs no longer work during screen transitions
– Trial percentage calculation corrected
– Leaderboard button tool-tip changed
– Momentum reduced on keyboard controls
– Log file time-stamp fixed

Echoes+ V5 out now.

Echoes+ V5 is out now. It mainly fixes a bug on some Windows 8.1 machines although I took the opportunity to tweak a couple of other things too based on early feedback.

V5 release notes:
– Windows 8.1 crash fixed
– Overly sensitive joypad controls on menus fixed
– The “back” button on joypad now works on menus
– Improved visibility of player shield colours (green = active, red = less than 3 seconds remaining)
– Some Trials targets adjusted

Enjoy and keep any feedback or suggestions coming 🙂