Feedback Day 3. OK Not Quite.

I didn’t want to spam this blog with too many updates (see the forums for that), just important stuff that someone might actually find remotely interesting, but I don’t think I’ve quite got the balance right yet. No updates in 2 months? Poor.

I have been busy though. The feedback test project I mentioned earlier has gone through a lot of changes until I finally got the gameplay mechanic into something like a playable state. It’s been a tough project to tweak and get everything balanced nicely, but hugely enjoyable to work on. Endlessly tweaking gameplay is kind of my thing and the challenge of turning the basic idea behind feedback into something resembling a playable game has been really satisfying.

The central gameplay mechanic is that the enemies only react to your actions. Because those reactions are all predictable, it plays differently to most shmups in that getting through tougher levels can be like solving a puzzle….even if that’s a high speed puzzle with a screen full of enemy ships raining bullets down on you. Shmup or puzzle game, the gameplay might take some time to click and it wont appeal to everyone, but experimenting a little is fun.

Have a feedback screenie…

Feedback 1

Feedback. Day 2.

Somethings I like messing with are gameplay and difficulty that react to player actions. Sometimes in a small way like the way I spawn powerups in DUOtris (near death you get a lot more helpful powerup drops) and then in mono where the difficulty is based entirely off the players actions in the game.

So….I decided to experiment with going one step further and having everything in game a reaction to what the player does… see.

I’m using a basic Space Invaders game to test the idea, but that will change when I see the reactive gameplay mechanic in action and get a feel for what it is best suited to.

Anyway progress: All placeholder graphics and sound fx are done and the scripts necessary to load them into the game are written. I have about a dozen enemy ideas written down and a rough logo idea (yes, all my graphics are “rough”).

Today we should get some enemies on screen and bullets. Lots of bullets.


Hopefully Apple announce some nice new MacBook Pros tomorrow so I can get the other versions of 1982 finished and finally release it on all 4 platforms (PC, Mac, iOS & Android).

In the meantime I thought I’d work on a little demo of a game idea I’ve had for a while that really needs testing before I know whether it works or not. I’ve a feeling it wont work as well in reality as it does in my head, what does, but there’s only one way to know for sure.

So tonight I’m starting work on feedback by creating some placeholder media so I can get to scripting the gameplay as soon as possible. Regular updates incoming…